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Redevelopment of the former Poole Pottery

A key part of Poole’s town centre regeneration
Redevelopment of the former Poole Pottery

This vacant brownfield site fronts Old Orchard in Poole – a key link between the town centre and the Quay. Despite being allocated in the Local Plan for mixed-use development and presenting a fantastic opportunity for regeneration, proposals have taken some time to come forward. Redevelopment posed a number of challenges including remediation, flood risk mitigation, impact upon heritage assets and potential amenity conflicts.

The history of former Pottery, as well as the legacy of neighboring contemporary development meant that the proposed redevelopment attracted great interest – captured to some extent in the adopted Poole Quays Forum Neighbourhood Plan. A sensitive approach to the mix of uses and design philosophy was required to deliver an acceptable solution. Through a diligent approach to the preparation, submission, and negotiation of the application, Chapman Lily Planning were able to secure planning permission. As always, we cannot claim all of the credit and would emphasise that we were fortunate to work with an enlightened client and great project team.

The microsite of the public consultation can be found here.

Project Solution

  • Our Approach
  • Challenge
  • Solution & Result
  • Early analysis of character of the area
  • Early identification of constraints and opportunities
  • Early engagement with Poole Quays Forum and reacting positively to feedback
  • An open and transparent approach to wider community engagement with a dedicated micro-site and well-attended exhibitions
  • Adopting a sensitive design approach, to break up scale and massing of the proposed building
  • Optimising the use of the site whilst enhancing the character and appearance of the Conservation Area
  • Respecting amenity whilst preserving the tight urban grain and sense of place
  • Balancing flood risk mitigation with vitality and inter-visibility at street level
  • Focus on the spaces created around the building, their function and degree of intimacy, as well as careful attention to orientation of windows and focus the character
  • Detailed technical assessments and reliance on fallback position to demonstrate flood risk betterment
  • Working with the Local Planning Authority to agree architectural detailing (proportions, roof space, fenestration and materials)
Redevelopment of the former Poole Pottery

Project Summary

On behalf of Fortitudo limited, we secured planning permission to ‘Demolish existing building and erect a mixed-use development comprising A1, A2, A3 and/or D1 commercial units and 64 apartments together with associated access and undercroft parking’ on the former Poole Pottery site in Poole.

  • Date :April 12, 2018
  • Location :Poole, Dorset